Hello Everyone.

I am Hasit Mamtora student of 3rd year B.Tech Computer Science  . This blog is  basically about my updates in my work and career also for sharing cool information about day to day things going on in surroundings from which one can learn few stuffs.

You can contact me for any Tech Hasit Mamtorarelated queries for which I would try my best to solve your problem so in a way we all can learn few things just by sharing and solving each others problem.

Now speaking about myself am good at my studies but a bit lazy in doing my college work. I like to learn any kind of new thing whether it would be of my domain or not but I get interested in all kind of works going on around me. I love playing video games a lot, also am several times champion of district level Chess Tournaments to.

My career objective is to be a Computer Security Expert and serve people at my best possible level and also increasing my own potentials & knowledge.


That’s all for time period , will share more about me and further plannings of my blog later.


Add me : https://www.facebook.com/hasit.max05

Mail @ : hasit.max05@gmail.com

Tweet me : https://twitter.com/Hasit_Mamtora


Thank You All.



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